IntegraLynx Reinsurance Administration Platform

Reinsurance administration is one of the most complex back-office processes performed by insurance companies. Our actuarial software development team at Reitigh understand the depth and breadth of Reinsurance treaties. Cedant payment calculations require a significant quantity of data from various data sources. This requires insurers to have a flexible but robust solution to manage their reinsurance treaties.

IntegraLynx provides insurers with a sophisticated but easy-to-use Data Management Layer to collect and disseminate data in any format, and a simple to extend data model and calculation interface to managed treaty-specific calculations. With IntegraLynx you can manage your end-to-end reinsurance administration in one unified solution.

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Data Management


Web-Based UI


IntegraLynx has a built-in workflow manager to automate data collection and follow-on processing.

A simple drag-and-drop interface allows business users to import data from any file format (including .pdf). Likewise, users can easily create steps to enhance data, and to create extracts for onward systems.


Having collected policy-level administration data using our data management layer IntegraLynx calculates Reinsurance Premiums, Commissons & Recoveries.
Calculations cover all treaty types including proportional and non-proportional. Managing original terms and risk premium reinsurance, extensive options for determining retentions including aggregation of risk by specified parameters.
Dealing with multiple product types including Individual Protection, Credit Risk, Single/Joint/Dual business, Unit Linked, Annuities. Determination of reinsurance recovery and expense amounts, both paid and reported.


The IntegraLynx drill-down analysis suite allows users to review the data-sets created (including reconciliation to previous data-sets).

Via the built-in report builder (or SSRS integration) business users can create custom reporting templates for bordereau reinsurance reporting for reinsurers, management information reporting for senior internal stakeholders, and financial reporting & accounting extracts for your finance function.

Entity Data Management

Reinsurance administration requires information on a number of entities – Treaties, Products, Policies, Lives Insured, etc.

IntegraLynx allows business users to easily store static data relating to entities, and to define links between related entities.

A single data point may be relevant to multiple entities. IntegraLynx allows users to store data once in a relational data model – a single source of truth removes data inconsistencies and related reconciliations and investigations.


All static data is audited. Data changes are controlled via user permissions and subject to a four-eyes check.

Users can attach files (such as emails) to changes for an easy audit trail of change instructions.

All system processing is recorded in an extensive event log.

Web-based UI

IntegraLynx is a web-based application. This facilitates deployment on-site, or clients can avail of our cloud-hosted solution.